Adding a whole new level of depth to gameplay.

As part of my involvement in the LCPDFR community, the C# Windows Forms Application, PaperworkPlus was released in an attempt to hone realism.

PaperworkPlus was a project that ran in late spring 2017. Using a Windows Forms Application structure and C#, I developed PaperworkPlus, a program that can be used to track statistics collecting during gameplay.

As the name would suggest, PaperworkPlus acts almost as a paperwork simulator, allowing users to file their records and go back to review them.

In the first version of PaperworkPlus, users saved their records into XML files, which were then called back for viewing. But, in a later version, users had the option of registering an account and saving their logs to a database, which was shared by all users.

This allowed community members to log and compare notes, keep track of one anothers progress and so forth.

Sub-communities, often referred to as clans, had the opportunity to pay for a Community Service, which granted them a private database and control over registering users. This allowed for custom ranks being assigned, custom divisions, custom agency names, etc being associated with the account.

PaperworkPlus used an array of different technologies, including, but not limited to...

  • C#
  • Windows Forms Application Framework
  • XML File Save/Read
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Transact-SQL
  • LINQ
  • Photoshop (for GUI elements)

By far the most useful technology listed was Microsoft Azure. Azure is a cloud-based platform for database solutions, virtual machines, data processing, and so much more. Not having to be concerned with server maintenance was a huge plus to this project, and is likely to be the main factor in assuring its success.

As this was my first big project, a number of key kills were tested. Firstly, during the development phases, project management was challenging. However through various organisational techniques I was able to manage my workflow properly. Another hurdle during development was that of not having used some of the included technologies before. LINQ, Azure, XML; All components used in PaperworkPlus that I had to learn from scratch, and am now confident in using.

During the release and feedback stages, handling responses, support requests, and etc was somewhat difficult. However, through instruction, I was able to direct support requests into a "File Comments" section and the feedback into the "File Review" section.

Overall, PaperworkPlus was a huge success, boasting over 2000 downloads and over 16,000 views. During production, many lessons have been learned. Ranging from user and feedback management, to better research and development before production.