Grand Theft Auto IV & V Mods

Developing textures and models!

For years, people have modified games to suit their own personal needs. The Grand Theft Auto franchise has perhaps one of the most attractive to 'modders' due to its open-world and contemporary American setting. I am one of those modders.

Starting out in 2013, using PaintDotNet to produce texture reskins, I have come a long way in the world of modding, and understanding how it works.

I have followed the LCPDFR community, which is best known for the Libery City Police Department: First Response mod for Grand Theft Auto IV. My publicly released works are accessible here.

Featured by stevethegamer55, popular community YouTuber.

Throught my time contributing to the community, my skills have developed greatly. Originally, textures were nothing but a solid background colour with text in the right places. In more recent projects I have taken to more in-depth design techniques, from using elements of real-life counterparts to creating entire from-scratch textures.

During these years, I have also been in a number of communities who use these modifications. For a number of them I was lucky enough to be able to develop textures and models for the wider community.

I hope to use these skills in the future to continue to contribute to the LCPDFR community, but also in any line of work I may enter.

In the future, I plan on developing more script-based solutions, exploring various alternative avenues and trying new things. As part of this 'new avenue', I am working on my Paperwork++ Project, and am looking into FiveM Server Development.