Welcome to my portfolio.

My journey began some time ago. During my early years of secondary school, I was introduced to Small Basic, a simplified version of Microsoft BASIC. From here, I learned Python 2.7 and 3.3, and later C#, one of my strongest languages. More recently, learnt HTML 5, PHP 7, and MySQL, implementing them into my Paperwork++ Project. Based on previous employment, I am somewhat familiar with the ASP.NET MVC 6 Framework.

A catalogue of my most prominent projects is accessible through the navigation bar above. Some information is provided about each project, detailing what it was that I've done, the challenges I've overcome, and the lessons I've learnt.


Coding is the core skill of most Computer Scientists. I consider myself a competent and legible code monkey, understanding and applying the theory behind software development.

My competent languages include C#, PHP 7, MySQL, and HTML, among many snippets of other languages, like LUA and Python.
Graphics & UI
Since my first dabbling with game texture modification in 2013, I have grown my graphics development skills. I was originally based in, PaintDotNet, a freeware image editor. However, now I have transitioned into Adobe Photoshop CC.

Evidence of this is seen in the GTA IV & V Mods page.
Cyber Security
In the ever growing world of networked devices, it is important that we bear in mind the security and safety of our expanding technological capabilities.

My skill set in Cyber Security is a relatively new one and one which I hope to expand as I continue to study and work on various projects.
Project Management
Project Management is the art of being able to develop a product successfully to a required standard. In my own experience, development takes time, patience, and skill, both in terms of development and planning sprints.

Personally, I am a fan of the Agile-Scrum methodology, especially in group projects.

Future Plans

FiveM Server Scripting

FiveM is a popular Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer alternative. Functioning very much like SAMP, FiveM provides a dedicated server, which can process custom scripts both server-side and client-side, that players can connect to through the internet.

In the coming future, I plan on learning and developing my skills with this powerful piece of kit.

White Hat Hacking

As I delve into studies surrounding Cyber Security, I feel it will also be imperative that I develop skill sets that will be relevant. In doing so I am working on an online course titled "The Complete Guide to Ethical Hacking".

I will implement these skills into future projects, in order to protect any code written.

Higher and Further Education

I plan on continuing my studies as long as is feasibly possible, from formal academic study, to practical application. As someone who is dedicated to the field of Computing, its important for me to recognise that technology continues to evolve and change every day. In order to keep up, I must study new developments, new technologies, and new theories.